Summer Screen Time Checklist

I did not think I would ever need a Summer Screen Time Checklist, but here I am staying up super late to create one.  We just ended our second day of summer vacation, and my oldest daughter is waking up at least an hour before everyone else (sometimes earlier). She sneaks downstairs and plays on her iPad or computer.  First of all, I do not want any of my kids sitting in front of the screen for hours on end. Secondly, she needs to enjoy these beautiful days with her family! Therefore, I went right to Pinterest and found a whole bunch of great pins on how parents control screen time. Seriously, there are SO many.

Here are just a few:

1. Summer Screen Time Rules Printable 
2. Summer Rules
3. Summer Time Rules: No ScreenTime Until
4. Holiday and Summer Break Screen Time Rules for Kids

Screen Time: Yes or No?

I understand there are a lot of opinions on letting children sit in front of a screen. Please be kind and know that this list is for my 8-year-old and not my younger children. Also, the reason why it works for me is that it is motivating to her. It does not mean she gets to be in front of a screen for the rest of the day.  We have plenty of other activities planned that will keep all my girls busy and entertained. So, if you are a parent that doesn’t allow any screen time, more power to you! I am in awe that you can keep your kids occupied all day long. Nevertheless, if you are a parent (like me) who allows a little screen time in your child’s day, then this might help you as well.

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Do Schedules Work?

Of course, schedules work! As a former teacher,  I used schedules all the time with my students, and they most definitely need them. That visual on the wall is very valuable. Some kids thrive having them in the summer as well.  If your kids need them, then, by all means, use them!

My girls do reasonably well without a full schedule written out for them.  Having them follow a schedule is essential, however;  learning to be flexible is very important as well. I do not want to be so regimented during the summer, because my kids get enough of that at school. Therefore, a full schedule is not something we do.  Plus, at times, and I will admit it, I get bored with a schedule. Flying by the seat of my pants and winging it works for me.  My last minute ideas are usually my best ideas! Surprises with extra trips to the playground, pool, or to a fun spot are so much more fun for us. Not to mention, time is not our friend.  We are late for more things than I would like to admit to right now.

What Do We Use Instead?

Checklists are my life these days! Nothing feels better than checking everything off! They honestly work best for us. It gives us the power to complete activities in any order we choose (as long as we get it all complete). It feels a little more exciting, and we still have a sense of accomplishment in the end.

So what do I want this checklist to help me do?

Here is my ultimate summer goal for each day:

  • Eat breakfast, Keep my girls busy in the morning (complete the checklist): complete an act of kindness, outdoor play, read, chores, etc
  • Let them relax and give my oldest some screen time, lunch
  • Spend the afternoon at the pool
  • Eat dinner, trips to the playground, bike rides, games,  etc.

When my daughter completes her checklist, she can have her screen time.  The youngest girls can watch some TV.  While all this is happening, I can get myself ready, make lunches, pack for the pool, and lather everyone up before we head out for the afternoon. Win-Win!

I am excited about this. Let’s hope this screen time checklist works for us! I”ll come back in a few days to finish typing this up…


I put the checklist up in our playroom two days ago.  Initially, there were some moans and groans from my 8-year-old, but it worked out better than I could have expected! It was essential to give her some flexibility. She was allowed to choose the order in which she completed them.

I purposely didn’t add times to each task (except 20 minutes of reading).  I felt that this would cause frustration for her and would ultimately make the tasks feel tedious. If I felt as though she was hurrying through something, I would tell her. In all honesty, she was proud of everything she was doing and did not rush through it. She took her time on the tasks and most importantly she didn’t complain once! Woohoo! By day two, she was up and completing tasks without any prompting from me.

P.S. My daughter just finished her checklist for today. Instead of asking for her computer, she is currently at the kitchen table completing a craft project. She has been sitting there for 30  minutes. I am smiling.


So, I want to share this fun little checklist with you! I hope it can help motivate your kids to complete their tasks and earn some screen time. There are three FREE versions available for you to download. Use mine or customize your own using one of the lined versions. You can make your list as long or as short as you would like it to be. Click on the links below to print your copies!



2018 Summer Checklist

2018 Summer Checklist Large Lines

2018 Summer Checklist Small Lines


Some kids like to check off items off as they go.  Here are a few great tools to help you do just that.  I have used these items in my classroom, and they work great!

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Here’s hoping this checklist helps your kids have fun while being a little more responsible!

I cannot wait to create Sew many more wonderful things with you!

~ Tara

Want more ideas for Summer? Check out my Summer Fun Pinterest Board!


27 thoughts on “Summer Screen Time Checklist

  1. My daughter is 14 now and her phone is her life. She isn’t so much into TV anymore, but watches Netflix on her phone and plays games. We’ve had to set some rules for when she MUST put down the phone or I take it away. It’s hard, though, because my business is build around social media so I’m constantly on my own phone!

    1. I can totally relate to that!! I’m trying to find that balance now that everyone is home with me for the summer. I am trying to put my phone down a lot more during the day, but I’m barely keeping my eyes open as I catch up at night!

  2. What a great idea to have!! I Love checklists as well! My kids spend less time with screens during the summer. We spend most of our time outside so that makes it fairly easy here! We do have to set rules at night time though kids can get carried away and not know what time it is. Lesson learned there.

  3. This idea is genius. So far this summer, my kids haven’t touched an electronic. They would rather play outside. we do have a routine at night though and all hell breaks loose if we don’t have one. Lol

  4. Creating a schedule is a great idea! It sets expectations and you can then say you can have the iPad if you watch something educational in the morning, etc. I’m writing a schedule for my week – maybe I’ll do that for my son’s screentime!

  5. I love this so much! My 7 year old gets up before everyone and turns on the TV too. It’s always a battle for the remote around here and there are so many better things to be doing. Thank you for these lists!

  6. oh we totally need something like this. My kids aren’t super huge screen time people, but this would just help them work through what needs to be done each day!

    1. Yes, that is exactly what it’s doing for my daughter. She’s busy in the mornings and then we have a whole bunch of fun in the afternoon. Screen time isn’t an issue anymore for my family.

  7. Never say never… lol. This is also something I was “never” going to have to worry about…

    I don’t regulate the kids’ screen time much, but it’s still not usually an issue. There have been a couple days like that this summer already… we may be implementing something like this! Thank you for sharing!

  8. Great idea…i always wonder how moms do no screen time and beat myself up for not being able to. I play with my son a lot and we go outside a lot but I wouldn’t get anything done without the TV.

  9. Screen time (tv, phones, chromebooks) can sometimes turn into a battle in my house as well. I like the approach of having the kids work through a checklist before they use their devices. Thank you for the tips!

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