You asked: Why are my cast on stitches so loose?

If your cast-on stitches are too loose, you can try using needles a size or two smaller. But make sure you don’t overcompensate and make your stitches too tight. You can also try to space the stitches closer together on the needle as you cast on. Most cast ons start with a slipknot (right).

Should cast-on stitches be loose?

When you are doing a long-tail cast-on and you snug up the stitches as you cast on, tug with your thumb, not your index finger. … If you’ve cast on with good tension, you’ll be able to slide the stitches around on the needle, but they should not be so loose that they slide by themselves.

Should cast-on be loose or tight?

Generally speaking, when stitches are bunched tightly on the right-hand needle, it can lead to tension problems. If you snug every new cast-on stitch right up against the one next to it (as in the top photo), they’ll have a stranglehold on the needle.

Why are my end stitches so loose?

One reason for loose edge stitches can be that the needle tips are repeatedly pulled too far apart, stretching the yarn between the neighboring stitches. The yarn slack accumulates at the last stitch of the row. Keep your tips close together while knitting.

Why is my knit stitch so tight?

Give the whole needle some love

A lot of the times, tight knitters will knit into their stitches using the tip of the needle without letting the stitch slide all the way onto the needle. … That’s why the stitches are so tight. So, let those stitches get all up on the needle!

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