What is a band stitch?

Bands and borders are usually wider than edges; they are used to give stability to pieces. Edges, such as those in lace patterns, are often used to add a decorative touch. The classic ribbing stitch is often used for bands, but you can use a number of other stitch patterns.

What is a band stitch in knitting?

Border bands keep the center edge of a knit piece from stretching. Bands also add a neat trim to an otherwise rough-looking edge and create a place for fastenings — usually buttons. … No need for further finishing — you just knit to the end of the row for your front panel and continue to knit the stitches for the band.

What is a band in sewing?

A band is sewn with the short sides right sides together to make a loop (pictured below), and then folded in half with the raw edges of the long sides together. … Some people choose to sew down the seam allowance, or to top stitch the seam allowance so that it stays lying flat against the inside of the garment.

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