What happens in the Little Chinese Seamstress?

When she leaves and the narrator tells Luo and the Little Seamstress what he learned, the Little Seamstress suggests they steal the suitcase of books before Four-Eyes leaves. Luo and the narrator fashion a master key to pick Four-Eyes’ lock and plan to steal the books during the village’s celebratory banquet.

What happens to the Little Seamstress?

The Little Seamstress learns about the outside world by reading the foreign books with Luo’s help. She eventually leaves the mountain and everything that she has known without saying goodbye, to start a new life in the city.

What happened in the end of Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress?

In the end, Luo and the narrator discover the true potency of imaginative literature and why it is hated and feared by those who wish to control others, for the Little Seamstress, transformed by her contact with Balzac, comes to understand her own sexual power and leaves the Phoenix of the Sky for the city.

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How does the Little Chinese Seamstress change?

In the months after her abortion, the Little Seamstress uses what she learns from Balzac’s novels to transform herself into a stylish city girl: she cuts her hair into a bob, adopts a Chengdu accent, and makes herself a bra.

What was Luo’s condition when they reached the home of the Little Seamstress?

When they reach the Little Seamstress’s house, Luo is dizzy with fever. The Little Seamstress cancels Luo and the narrator’s performance and tucks Luo into her own bed, which boasts a mosquito net.

Who is to blame for the Little Seamstress running away?

When the Little Seamstress’s denounces her domesticity, she shatters all remaining preconceived notions of stability the boys inhabit. This leaves Ma and Luo with no one to blame except Balzac’s ideals and Red China’s cultural tendencies for forcing the Little Seamstress to defy her culture and her surface identity.

What does the Little Chinese Seamstress mean by her last words a woman’s beauty is a treasure beyond price?

What this implies is that her worth is not determined by Mao, her father, or the boys; she determines her own value. Her “beauty is a treasure beyond price,” meaning that she is neither an object nor dependent on others, but that she is a unique individual.

What does the alarm clock symbolize in Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress?

The alarm clock represents the bourgeois norms, such as timing the workday with a clock rather than with sunrise and sunset, that the Cultural Revolution was intended to quash.

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What is the purpose of scar literature?

Generally speaking, Scar Literature is purgative and assists those youths who were sent-down, the marginalized Party cadres, and the intellectuals to cure the psychological wounds inflicted upon them during the tumultuous years of the Cultural Revolution, and of the socialist revolutionary period in general.

What job is the Yong Jing preacher forced to do?

The elderly Christian preacher in Yong Jing was forced to take a job as a street sweeper after the Red Guard found his Latin Bible. The narrator tries to approach him for advice about the Seamstress’s abortion, but finds him dying of cancer.

What does Luo say he has taught the little seamstress?

Luo says that he taught the Little Seamstress how to swim properly, not like a peasant. She taught herself, however, how to dive. … In his own words, Luo continues to express disdain for the peasants, their way of life, and even the young woman he claims to love.

Which author most inspires the seamstress?

Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress is inspired by the author, Daj Sijie’s experience with being sent to a re-education camp in Rural Sichuan from 1971 to 1974 due to him being born and raised into an educated family.

What is the theme of Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress?

Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress by Dai Sijie is a literarily rich novel that explores the themes of love, coming of age, reading, education, censorship and beauty through the story of three teenagers, two boys and one girl, affected by China’s Cultural Revolution.

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What were the occupations of Four Eyes parents?

His parents are writers, and he shares their dream that he becomes a writer as well. As such, they provide him with a suitcase of banned western novels.

What does Luo do at the end of the novel?

He performs “oral cinema shows” for the village headman, in which he sees a film and then recites the film’s story for the village, making his story last the length of the actual film.

Why does Luo show the narrator the leaves of the ginko tree?

However, for the narrator, it’s an earthshattering discovery that makes it so he can’t ignore Luo’s growing maturity and independence. By sharing the leaves and story with the narrator, Luo reinforces the narrator’s position as a sidekick and bystander to his romance.