How do you sew a dart in jeans?

How long should pants darts be?

Measure for the placement of the darts. You can place two darts each on the front and back of the waistband, or only on the front or the back — whichever you prefer. The dart should land halfway between the center front or center back of the waistband and the side seams of the pants.

Which way should Darts be pressed?

Darts that are horizontal on the body should generally be pressed DOWN with gravity. However you can have a play, by pressing these flat or up towards the top of the garment you will achieve a different look. Darts that are vertical on the body should be pressed towards the SIDE of the body.

Do you add seam allowance to darts?

Before starting to add seam allowance, extend both dart arms, as well as the centre line, by a few centimetres. This will help when you are adding seam allowance to the top of the dart. Mark the seam allowance on the waistband, and then follow the angle of the dart, when you get to the first dart arm.

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