How do you float fabric for machine embroidery?

How do you stabilize fleece for machine embroidery?

You can use spray adhesive on water-soluble stabilizer to help secure fleece for embroidery. To keep thread from sinking into the fleece, use a light film-like, water-soluble stabilizer on top. It helps to seat thread above the nap. When embroidery is finished, trim excess stabilizer and wash the rest away.

Can you machine embroider without a hoop?

A water-activated adhesive stabilizer, such as OESD’s Hydro-Stick stabilizer, works very well for “hooping without a hoop.” This tear-away stabilizer has a water-activated adhesive applied to one side of stabilizer. … Allow the adhesive to dry for one to two minutes depending on the humidity. Embroider the design.

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