How do you end a beaded necklace without a clasp?

How do you secure the end of a beaded necklace?

How to Finish a Necklace or Bracelet Using Crimp Beads:

  1. Place a crimp bead or tube on the end of the necklace add a jump ring.
  2. Insert the loose end of the necklace into the crimp bead. …
  3. Use crimp pliers to close the crimp bead and secure it to the beading line or necklace.
  4. Trim away excess beading line with scissors.

What can I use instead of crimp beads?

An alternative to crimp beads and crimp tubes is a newer finding called Screw-Tite Crimps™. Screw-Tite Crimps not only secure your Accu-Flex® beading wire to your clasp, they also allow you to change your clasp for a different one, should you want a different look.

What do you call a necklace with no clasp?

Lariat necklaces are also known as a rope or Y-necklace. In terms of length, this necklace is longer than opera length. Lariat necklaces don’t have a clasp. … Style tip: Lariat necklaces are very versatile because the long rope can be fashioned in a number of ways.

What is a necklace without a clasp called?

The lariat is a variation on the rope necklace, but are often referred to as rope, or Y-necklaces. The lariat is a unique necklace design in that it does not have a clasp.

Can I use regular pliers for crimp beads?

If you don’t have a pair of crimping pliers, you can use regular pliers. … To use these pliers, simply grasp the crimp bead with the flat section of the pliers and squeeze gently but tightly to smash the crimp bead flat onto the wire. Only use flat pliers or the flat section of pliers.

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