How do you attach a crochet pocket to a sweater?

How do you attach a crochet pocket?


Pin the pocket onto right side of the crochet sweater. Take care to pin it straight both horizontally and vertically. Working on the right side, invisibly stitch the pocket onto the crochet sweater. For a decorative look, try a whipstitch or a blanket stitch using a contrasting color of yarn.

How do you put a pocket on a knitted sweater?

If you’ve knit a sweater or cardigan and want to add pockets after the fact, you have a couple options. One nice, clean method is to mark the pocket locations with pins or locking stitch markers, pick up and work patch pockets in rows, and then bind off and sew the edges down.

How do you add pocket?

Android Share Menu

Tap the share button in your Android browsers and favorite apps, and select “Add to Pocket” to save the item to your list.

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