Frequent question: What was the condition of the seamstress was described by The Happy Prince?

Answer: The seamstress was tired due to overwork. She was so poor that she could not buy oranges for her little sick son.

Why was the Happy Prince concerned about the seamstress?

He saw that the poor seamstress was very sad. Her son was ill. She had nothing to give him except the river water. The Happy Prince wanted to help her.

Why does the Happy Prince send a rupee for the seamstress?

The Happy Prince sent a ruby for the seamstress as she was extremely poor and could not feed her son who was suffering from fever. The swallow persuaded by the prince went to the seamstress’s house.

What did the Swallow overhear while going to seamstress house?

As he passed by the palace, the swallow saw a beautiful girl come out into the balcony. The swallow overheard her saying that she hoped her dress would be ready for the state ball and that she had ordered flowers to be embroidered on it, but the seamstresses were a lazy lot.

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Why was happy prince not really happy Write your answer in the context of the Happy Prince?

When the ‘Happy Prince’ was alive, he did not know what tears and sorrow were. After his death, he could see the ugliness and misery of the city. Therefore, he weeps and is not really happy.

What did the Happy Prince do to make the seamstress and her sick son happy who helped him in this noble task?

Swallow slips into the “poor house” and places the ruby by the seamstress’s thimble, then flies around her sick son to help cool his fever. When Swallow returns to the Happy Prince, he mentions that he now feels warm despite the cold weather.

Why did the swallow not leave the Prince?

Why did the swallow not leave the prince and go to Egypt? Answer: Since the prince had given away the two sapphires of his eyes to the people in need, he had become blind. Touched by his kindness and to give him support, the swallow decided to stay with the prince always.

Why was the boy of the seamstress tossing on the bed?

On reaching the house he saw that the seamstress had fallen asleep because she was tired and the little boy was tossing feverishly on the bed. … The boy immediately felt cool, thought the fever must be improving and fell off to sleep.

What was seamstress doing?

A seamstress is a woman who makes her living in the sewing trade, or a female version of a tailor. Seamstresses mend all types of clothing and anything else made of fabric. They also create their own patterns and clothing, sometimes decorating them with detailed embroidery work.

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How did the Happy Prince discover happiness?

The Happy Prince had lived a very comfortable life as long as he lived. … That is when he discovered true happiness and from thereon he spread it by sacrificing all that he had. Example: He had the ruby in his sword hilt sent to a poor seamstress to help her get over poverty and buy food and medicines for her ailing son.

What suffering did the swallow discover and report to the Happy Prince?

When the swallow was going to Egypt , he thought to sleep near the feet of the statue of Happy Prince…but when he discovered that the happy prince was crying and asked him why he was crying…he came to know that when the happy prince was alive he didn’t knew what tears & sorrow was as he was always happy…but when …

How did the Happy Prince and Swallow help the semesters?

Explanation: As per the orders of the Happy Prince, the gold leaves and the jewels on his boy were taken out by the swallow and distributed among the poor. Thus, the Happy Prince was able to help the poor children in the city. … The former wept for the poor and helped them by giving sapphires, gold leave and ruby.

Why does the prince say swallow swallow little swallow?

The Prince says, “Swallow, Swallow, little Swallow,” because he wanted to press upon the little bird the urgency of the situation.

What made the prince sad?

Answer: The happy prince became sad after his death because he could see the sorrow of to the city from the play palace where he is statue had been mounted .

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What happens when the swallow dies?

Answer: When the swallow died and fell near the Happy Prince’s feet, his leaden heart broke into two pieces. … The cold approached and affected the little swallow resulting in its death. The swallow’s death caused grief and broke the Prince’s heart in two.