Does Red Heart Super Saver yarn have dye lots?

I don’t buy a lot of yarn at one time maybe 5-6 skeins but the dye lot is no problem with the Red Heart Super Savers so far. … To be honest, I only bought one skein of this yarn but I have heard it’s a hit or miss on the no dye lot.

Does Red Heart Super Saver have a dye lot?

This hugely popular yarn is solid and durable, has a traditional hand, and no-dye-lot solids make it ideal for afghans, sweaters, accessories and more.

What is Red Heart Super Saver yarn made of?

The great wash performance and no dye lot solids makes this red heart super saver print yarn for wearable’s, home accessories and more. Made of 96-percent acrylic and 4-percent other fibers worsted material. It is available for 5 mm knitting needle and 5.5 mm crochet hook.

What is no dye lot yarn?

Occasionally, you’ll find a yarn that does not have a dye lot; this will be indicated on the label. A no dye lot yarn does not necessarily mean that all skeins will be exactly the same color.

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What is Red Heart Super Saver yarn good for?

Many learned to knit or crochet with Super Saver yarn. It is an all purpose, 100% acrylic, easy care yarn and it comes in a large assortment of colors including solids, prints, multis, tones, heathers and flecks. There are many free Red Heart Super Saver patterns for knitters and crocheters alike.

Is Red Heart Super Saver yarn worsted weight?

Red Heart Yarn Super Saver 100% Acrylic Worsted Weight Yarn for Knitting and Crocheting – Yarn Pack of 6, 7oz Each (White)

Is Red Heart Super Saver yarn good for sweaters?

This Red Heart super saver jumbo yarn is ideal for all your ever versatile worsted-weight patterns for sweaters, afghans, jackets, hats, gloves, shawls, scarves and other accessories. Made of 100 percent acrylic.

What weight is Super Saver yarn?

Pool on Purpose with Super Saver Pooling

Super Saver Super Saver Pooling
Weight 4-Medium 4-Medium
Oz. 7 oz (198g) 5 oz. (141 g)
Fiber 100% Acrylic 100% Acrylic
Made in the USA Yes Yes

Is Red Heart Super Saver a DK yarn?

Red Heart Super Saver Chunky, Dark Yarn, DK Orchid.

How do I find a dye lot?

The best advice is to purchase the entire amount of each color you will need all at one time, making sure the dyelots all are the same. Look on the label to find this information. Usually it is listed as ‘dye lot’ or ‘lot’ followed by a number that indicates the batch number. Same number, same dye lot.

Where can I buy a yarn dye lot?

The dye lot is stamped on this yarn’s label, but sometimes dye lots will be printed on labels. You just need to look near the color name and UPC code. Many yarns also have color numbers that correspond to each color name.

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Where is the dye lot number on Bernat blanket yarn?

At the top of the label there is the colour and dye lot number, this information is the colour of your yarn and it’s dye lot number.

What number is Red Heart Super Saver yarn?


SKU 640
Yarn Range Number No. 640 Red Heart Super Saver Worsted Weight Yarn
Fiber Content 100% Acrylic
Care Instructions Machine wash and dry
Additional Information Prints & Stripes – 236 yds (215 m) per 5 oz. (141 gm) ball. Flecks – 260 yds (237.7 m) per 5 oz. (141 gm) ball.

What size yarn is Red Heart Super Saver?

The much loved Red Heart® Super Saver® in a jumbo skein for added convenience. Traditional hand with great wash performance, and ideal for afghans, sweaters, accessories, and more. 100% acrylic. No-dye-lot Solids: 14 oz/396g/744 yd/681m skein.

How many colors of Red Heart yarn are there?

Super Saver has 13 new colors! It’s the same quality yarn you love, but now with additional options.