Can you knit on a border?

You can knit the border separately and sew it on, you can pick up stitches along the length of an edge and knit the border from the picked up stitches, or you can knit the border and attach it to the edge one row at a time.

Can you knit a border around a blanket?

Adding a knit-on border to a finished piece of knitting can give a pattern made of multiple blocks more cohesion, or it can just make an afghan or blanket look more finished.

How do you cast on borders?

Cast on the stitches that you want for your border onto one of the wooden needles. Work the first row in the usual way until there is one stitch remaining. Slip the stitch to right needle without knitting it, and use the free needle to pick up the border stitches on the piece. Pick up 1 stitch for every 2 rows.

What is knit one purl one called?

23 Comments. If you know how to knit and purl, then you can make a textured pattern called single rib, or “knit one purl one”. k1p1 single rib. Single rib is a stretchy piece of knitting often used for cuffs and hems.

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