Best answer: What is the similar meaning of tailored?

What’s another word for tailored?

What is another word for tailored?

adapted modified
personalizedUS styled
becoming fitting
suitable custom-built
fitted refitted

What is the tailored meaning?

1 : fashioned or fitted to resemble a tailor’s work. 2 : custom-made. 3 : having the look of one fitted by a custom tailor.

What is the opposite of tailored?

Antonyms: ready-made, fancy. Synonyms: made-to-order, shipshape, well-kept, bespoken, bespoke, clean-cut, trig, spare, tailor-made, trim.

What does tailored mean in business?

1a : the business or occupation of a tailor. b : the work or workmanship of a tailor. 2 : the making or adapting of something to suit a particular purpose.

What does tailored approach mean?

Using a tailored approach means you can select one or several Triple P courses that suit the needs of the families you are targeting. … This is simple because the Triple P System is multi-level, with each level tailoring information, advice and professional support to the needs of individual families.

What is the meaning of tailored for you in twitter?

Definition of Tailored Suggestions

Tailored suggestions are recommendations of accounts that you might be interested in following on Twitter. These are helpful for beginners and even long-time users of Twitter who wish to start creating a list and adding accounts to follow in the network.

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How do you use tailored in a sentence?

of clothing.

  1. He tailored his speech for his audience.
  2. Treatment is tailored to the needs of each patient.
  3. The overcoat is well tailored.
  4. The tailor tailored him a suit.
  5. The play was tailored for a special audience.
  6. We tailored the part specifically for her.

Is tailored an adjective?

TAILORED (adjective) definition and synonyms. Macmillan Dictionary.

Which word is the best synonym for customized?

synonyms for customized

  • custom-built.
  • custom-made.
  • made-to-order.
  • personalized.
  • tailored.
  • custom.
  • specially made.
  • tailor-made.

Is tailored to your needs?

If you tailor something such as a plan or system to someone’s needs, you make it suitable for a particular person or purpose by changing the details of it.

What is female tailor called in English?

Filters. (dated) A female tailor.

What does tailor mean in writing?

To tailor is defined as to make something to particular specifications or conditions. … An example of to tailor is writing a manual for an ESL person.

What does custom tailored mean?

Definition of custom-tailor

transitive verb. : to alter, plan, or build according to individual specifications or needs.

What is a male tailor called?

The term for the male counterpart to a seamstress is “seamster.” The term “tailor” is gender neutral.