Best answer: What is t4bpk in knitting?

This technique is used to cross two knit stitches with two purl stitches. The result is a row of knit stitches that lean right. Skill: Easy.

What does T4R mean in knitting?

T4R: Twist 4 Right.

What is t3 in knitting?

Twist 3 (TW3) – Knit Purl Hunter.

What is C3F in knitting?

C3F means Cable 3 Forward, Knit 3, then Knit the 3 cabled stitches.

What does twist mean in knitting?

Stitch Description

The left twist stitch is a mock cable. By knitting stitches out of order, a twist can be created in the fabric. It’s more efficient than a 1/1 Cable Left or Cable 2 Forward and can be used in place of those stitches.

What does T5F mean in knitting?

T5F = Slip next 3 stitches onto a cable needle and leave at front of work.

What does T4L mean in knitting?

T4L: Twist 4 Left.

What does T4B mean in knitting?

Abbreviations. How to Knit the Twist Four Back Cable Stitch (T4B)

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