Your question: Which country is the largest exporter of yarn?

Which country is the largest exporter of cotton yarn?

India is the worlds’ largest exporter of cotton yarn and has major markets in China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Vietnam and South Korea.

Which countries import yarn?

Leading importing countries of textile yarn worldwide in 2019 (in million U.S. dollars)

Characteristic Trade value in million U.S. dollars
China 7,204.8
Turkey 3,216.6
United States 2,399.4
Italy 2,347.1

Which is the largest exporter country?

This is a list of countries by exports of goods and services, based on World Bank’s data.

List by World Bank.

Rank 1
Country World China
Exports (millions of $) 24,933,017.78 2,643,376.93
% of GDP 30.5% 18.5%
Year 2019 2019

Which country exports yarn in India?

India exports yarn to Japan. Other importers of cotton goods from India are USA, UK, Russia, France, East European countries, Nepal, Singapore, Sri Lanka and African countries.

Which country is the largest exporter of rice?

India: As of 2020-21, India had the highest export volume of rice worldwide, at 15.5 million metric tons.

Is India largest exporter of cotton?

Regarding export of yarn, during the year 2020-21 from Apr, 2020 to Mar, 2021, 275 million kg of cotton yarn were exported from India to China out of the total exports of 980 million kg. China was the largest importer of yarn from India.

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Export of Cotton Yarn (in million kgs)
Country APR 2020-MAR 2021
Grand Total 980.00