How do you make a throw pillow without sewing?

Do you need a sewing machine to make a pillow?

no sew. You can literally wrap your already covered pillow (or pillow form) up like a burrito, meaning the only thing you have to purchase is fabric from your local craft store. You simply take a square of fabric, place the pillow towards one corner, wrap, tie, and you’re done!

How do you make homemade pillows?

Take a piece of fabric twice the size of your desired end product. Cut it in half, sew around all sides, leaving a opening on one side big enough to turn and stuff the pillow. Turn, stuff, and close the opening (it’s easiest if done by hand).

What can I use to stuff a pillow?

Pillow stuffing can be made using scraps of fabric, yarn, or old clothing. For best results, cut the fabric into small pieces. A pillow made with recycled stuffing will be less fluffy than one stuffed with other materials.

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