Artist Spotlight

“Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.”

– Unknown

Artist Spotlight: For many bloggers, having the opportunity to promote a product/company is a great way to make money. Some seem to get so caught up in the making money aspect that they lose their blog’s integrity. I hope as I grow my blog I will have more opportunities to make some money, but money is not my driving force.  It would be a nice added bonus, but this page is not about expecting anything in return. It is about way more.

I love the quote above.  I feel like we also need to add the importance of raising these strong women up.  Let us lift them! Not for the recognition, not for a paycheck, but because of the impact it makes on others and ourselves. Let us lift them because of their courage and strength. Let us lift them for their creative and imaginative minds. Let us lift them for all the beauty they bring to this world. Let us lift them because they are our friends… and friends always celebrate each other’s successes. Our kids are watching! If we want to raise strong women, we cannot just be one alone. Like artwork, we must show our kids how strength comes in all different forms. This little page is my shout out to those strong, beautiful women who love what they do and are sharing those different forms of art with the world. Check them out below!

Melissa Harris Pottery
Melissa Harris Pottery